2014 Heart of Gaylord Fall Photo Contest

2014 Heart of Gaylord Fall Photo Contest

Amateur and professional adult and youth photographers are invited to enter their best images that capture the Heart of Gaylord. Photos from all seasons are encouraged!

Photo contest entries due November 5th, 2014

Application Instructions & Requirements:

  1. Entries must be appropriate for all ages to view.
  2. Photos must be taken within the city limits of the City of Gaylord or must be related to a City of Gaylord activity (ie: school events). Photos from all seasons are encouraged.
  1. A completed Heart of Gaylord photo contest entry form must be submitted with entries.
  1. Photographer must own all rights to any photographs entered into this competition as well as have model releases where appropriate.
  1. Email entries to kevinmccann@exploregaylord.org or mail a CD containing images to Kevin McCann, City of Gaylord, 322 Main Avenue, Gaylord, MN 55334.


Capture the heart of Gaylord and submit your pictures in the following categories:

  1. Best Smile – Who has the best smile in Gaylord? Can include more than one individual.
  1. Places – The environment that makes Gaylord amazing, from parks and farmland to neighborhoods and businesses.
  1. Community – Education, volunteerism, celebrations, and art/culture scenes

New 4-Way Stop

As part of MnDOT’s participation in the highway reconstruction project in Gaylord, traffic controls were reviewed. At the same time that it was determined that the intersection of 4th Street & Main did not warrant a traffic signal, it was determined that traffic counts and crash history at 6th (Hwy 22) and Main (Hwy 19) warranted additional control resulting in the new 4-way stop situation. (Hwy 22 & 19 intersection did not meet the warrant for a signal).

Motorists should use caution and drive defensively, as motorists get accustomed to the new intersection controls.

Rebecca L. Arndt
Public Information Officer
MnDOT District 7
District 7 Twitter – twitter.com/mndotscentral