Parks and Recreation

Current Status: The Park & Rec Board is a permanent Board of Directors for the City of Gaylord that oversees the activities of the Gaylord City Park System.

Date Initially Formed: 1992

Current Members:  Current members of the Park & Rec Board include:

Member Phone Number Term Expires
Dale Johnson (507) 237-2500 12/11
Bill Walsh (507) 237-5930 12/11
Deb Deis (507) 237-5407 12/11
Duane Messner (507) 237-5205 12/11
Dave Robbins (507) 237-2282 12/11
Kim DeWitte (507) 237-2282 12/11

City Council Membership and Oversight:  No more than two (2) members of the City Council shall serve as a member of the Park & Rec Board.  The Mayor is an ex-Officio member of the Park & Rec Board.  The City Council is responsible for the official approval and authorization to conduct activities within the area covered by the Park & Rec Board, excepty as specifically delegated to the Park & Rec Board by the City Council.

Purpose of the Park & Rec Board: The purpose of the Park & Rec Board is to gather community input and provide recommendations to the city related to paths, trail, and rec.
General Functions:  The Park & Rec Board may adopt such rules and regulations as it may deem necessary to carry out its functions, provided, however, that rules requiring City Coucnil authorization will be presented to the City Council for prior approval.
Members: Five (5) members shall be appointed by the City Council at large to serve 1-year terms.  Members shall serve until their successors have been appointed by the City Council and qualified.
Qualifications:  Members shall reside in the City of Gaylord, unless special approval is granted by the City Council.  No person shall be appointed to the Park & Rec Board who is employed by the City.
Vacancies on the Body:  Vacancies on the Park & Rec Board, from whatever cause, shall be filled by appointment by the City Council for the unexpired term.
Meetings:  The Board will meet at least once a year, or more frequently, as needed, in order to carry out the general functions of the Park & Rec Board.  Meetings are generally held on the third Monday of every month beginning at 7 pm and held at the City Hall.  Meetings may be called by the Chairperson of the Commission, or by a majority of its members.  Any regular meeting may be adjourned to a time and place certain, but not beyond the next regular meeting.
Quorum:  3 members of the Park & Rec Board constitute a quorum for the purposes of conducting a hearing or meeting. The decision of the Park & Rec Board regarding any dispute brought before it shall be by a majority vote of the members present.
Officers:  This Commission shall not elect officers. The members of this Commission shall designate one of their members to chair meetings and direct the performance of the functions for this Commission. One member, or a representative from City Staff, shall record the minutes for all meetings.
Decision-Making Authority:
Rules and Regulations:  the Park & Rec Board may adopt such rules and regulations as it may deem necessary to carry out its functions, subject to the applicable approval and/or oversight from the City Council.
Reporting:  Not later than November 30th of each year, the Park & Rec Board shall submit to the City Council at a regular City Council meeting a report of the results of its activities during the preceding 12 months.
Time Involved:  Time involved is estimated to be approximarly 20 hours per year, including time for meetings, preparation, and follow-up.
Community Involvement:  Members of the Park & Rec Board are encouraged to solicit feedback from members of the Gaylord community that relate to the activities of the Park & Rec Board. Whenever possible, the Park & Rec Board is encouraged to recruit volunteers from the Gaylord community to assist with various projects.
Compensation:  Compensation for members of the Park & Rec Board shall be as follows: $30/meeting
Budget:  The budget for the Park & Rec Board shall be established by the City Council.

The mission of Gaylord’s Park and Recreation Board is to  develop, promote and provide recreation opportunities and facilities in anticipation of and in response to the leisure time needs and interests of the Gaylord community.

To that end, the City of Gaylord offers recreation programming for the approximately 2,300 residents in the city of Gaylord, as well as people who live throughout Sibley County.

In addition to various parks and playgrounds, city staff provide high quality recreational opportunities such as an outdoor skating rink in the winter, an indoor roller-skating rink in the summer, and athletic fields that include baseball parks, softball fields, a soccer field, and a nature park.

The Chamber of Commerce organizes the Eggstravaganza, which is held during the second weekend in August every year.

The Park & Rec Board schedules city-owned athletic fields and also provides a staff liaison to the Sibley East Community Education program.

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