Fire Department

The Gaylord Fire Department is responsible for fire suppression, rescue, fire code enforcement, and public fire education. The department includes 25-35 volunteer firefighters operating out of the Fire Station located on East Highway 5. Every resident and business in the city of Gaylord is within six minutes of the fire station.


Fire Chief:
Dean Schons
Home: 507-237-5377
Cell: 507-381-7888


Fred Latzke Travis Grack Ian Sing
Jerry Hahn Brian Scholla Jeremy Serbus
Scott Kuphal Cory Swenson Tom Frauendienst
Marc Messner Jeff Walker Dean Reid
Nick Enter Justin Rose Darrin Reid
Joe Strobel Lyle Grochow Dale Steinborn
Erin Swenson Mark Kuphal Gary Schmitt
Dean Schons Dan Messner Jesse Hardel
Roberto Mendez Kenneth Uecker


Fire Prevention

This includes code enforcement, inspection, fire investigation and public education. These are key areas in holding down costs associated with traditional fire department response.

Training and Compliance

The Gaylord Fire Department ensures proper training for all fire department personnel. Monthly drills include all aspects of fire and emergency response.


Firefighting and rescue tasks, prevention and support activities are carried out by the firefighters.  The fire department maintains its own equipment operating out of a modern facility.

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