Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Earlier this month, the City of Gaylord met with FEMA representatives and the State Representative from Homeland Security and Emergency Management to present damage information to public infrastructure/facilities and Gaylord’s private property and business owners. The meeting was simply an initial estimate to assess the damages in our community. From submitted documentation, I presented approximately $40,000 in public and several personal property damages from the June 19th Flashflood Event. The total assessment from all jurisdictions within the County will be brought to the Governor, who will use that information to request a disaster declaration from the President.

The State Representative discussed personal property damages and explained that property and business owners are encouraged to repair/replace their damaged property before receiving other forms of financial assistance. The sequential steps for an individual to follow:

1) Contact personal property insurance carrier;

2) Seek assistance through volunteer organizations such as the Red Cross or United Way (call 211) for manpower assistance to remove carpet, sanitize the basement, cut out paneling/sheetrock, etc.

· The State Representative stated that FEMA will not provide individual property/business owner assistance until a threshold is met: 580 homes destroyed statewide.

· The State Representative offered two other useful tips:

1) Teachers and Veterans: There is grant money for you to assist in property repairs.

· Veterans, their families, and surviving spouses may be eligible for disaster relief grants up to $1,000 for expenditures dated no earlier than June 11, 2014 and no later than August 31, 2014, and applications must be postmarked by no later than September 30, 2014.

· Veterans should contact their respective County Veteran Service Office (CVSO) to apply for a Disaster Relief Grant, or call 1-888-LINKVET (546-5838) for assistance finding the location and phone number of their CVSO.

· The State Representative will forward information regarding grants for teachers through the MN Department of Education.

2) Make sure you test your furnace and other appliances now, then again in two months, and again before the winter season. If problems arise, these replacement costs could be covered through your insurance or other financial assistance measures.

The next step is to wait. We will be contacted by our County Emergency Manager regarding the next meeting date/time.

Weekly Status Update: July 17, 2014 – Highway 22/19 Reconstruction

Highway 22/19 Reconstruction

Weekly Status Update: July 17, 2014 Detour Routes Listed Below

  • All traffic on Hwy 22 will be detoured on Sibley County Road 12, County Road 13, and Hwy 5
  • Heavy truck traffic on Hwy 19 will follow the “truck detour route” on Hwy 22, Sibley County Road 8, and Sibley County Road 4. Cars and light trucks on Hwy 19 will be detoured on Main Ave. and 8th St.
  • Pedestrian access will be detoured one block east.
  • A 24’ wide vehicular access and 5’ wide pedestrian access will be maintained at all times across either Linden Ave. or Lincoln Ave. Construction Operations July 21-28
  • Sibley Ave. to Main Ave. – Finish storm sewer, embankment/aggregate base, concrete paving
  • Linden Ave. to Court Ave. – Excavation, Sewer/Water, and misc. removals Construction Operations July 28 – August 4
  • Utilities on Hwy 22 from Linden Ave. to Court Ave.
  • Excavation/Embankment from Linden Ave. to Court Ave.
  • Removals from Main Ave. to Court Ave.
  • Removals from Linden Ave. to North Ave.
  • Sibley Ave. to Main Ave. – Concrete pavement, concrete curb & gutter, concrete sidewalk Planned Utility Interruptions this week (Week of July 21st)
  • 2-4 hour water service shutdown between Linden and Court 7/17-7/18
  • Limited water service shutdown Linden to Court 7-23/24 (only short time)
  • More specific notice will be provided to all homes prior to shutdown